Thursday, 28 November 2013

Working at Subway

I worked in Subway for just under a year several years ago. I was under 18, therefore I was paid the minimum wage, which was £3.57 an hour. Initially I worked in a large store where I received support and training until I was confident enough to work alone. I was then relocated to the small booth in Reading station, which is now closed. This booth only required one person to operate it, so I was required to open the store in the morning and work for 8 hours until the next person took over, which I don't think is even legal for a 16 year old.

The Subway in Reading which I started 
working in

I often worked for 8 hours without a toilet or lunch break, unless there was the off chance that someone in the store downstairs actually answered the phone and took over the booth whilst I restocked or had a break as they were supposed to. As you can imagine, this was quite uncomfortable at times. My comfort was also dependent on the weather, which was fine during summer because I had a polo shirt, but during winter it was horrific. Despite constant complaints that I sent to my manager via text and phone call, I was not given any source of heating. This was very cold during the winter, particularly as the station entrance is open so the cold, wind and snow came in. My solution was to go to work in several layers of socks, trousers, tops and jumpers to the point where I could barely move. My hands went red and purple as this was the only area that I could not keep warm and it was very painful to put my freezing cold hands in and out of the sandwich toaster. My hands sometimes shook from the pain and to the concern of many customers, I sometimes ended up crying because it was so painful.

Thankfully due to reconstruction work in Reading station the small booth has now been removed.

I will admit that the quality of food is probably better than most other fast food restaurants, but unless the business has changed dramatically over the past few years then I suggest you find work elsewhere. Ask yourself is £30 for 8 hours suffering really worth it?

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