Thursday, 28 November 2013

Working at Warings Bakery (Now known as the Indulgent Baker)

I worked at Warings Bakery for a couple of months several years ago. From the very start I was made to feel unwelcome, as my colleagues constantly complained about the absence of the employee that I had replaced. I was experienced in customer service, handling food and using the till from my previous job, but of course this varies between businesses and therefore it took time for me to learn the routines within this company. 

Some of my colleagues were sympathetic and treated me with patience, whereas others were very impatient, particularly the manager, who constantly undermined me and criticised me for doing things wrong, yet if I asked her a question she often ignored it because she was too busy and once I even had a door slammed in my face. 

Many of the elder customers struggled to carry their trays to their tables and I would help them, although the manager told me this was wasting valuable customer service time, which seemed quite contradictory as I was serving the elder customers. I don't think I'm the only person who finds it difficult to provide friendly customer service under this kind of pressure. I constantly felt on edge and I couldn't be myself at work at all, even though my personality is usually friendly and open.

I will admit that the quality of food is high and the store layout and décor is attractive, but unless the business has changed dramatically over the past few years or if you aren't too bothered about genuine customer service then I suggest you take your business elsewhere, particularly an hour or so before closing time when the employees will start throwing the majority of leftover products in the bin and cleaning the store whilst customers are still there.

Warings Bakery in Caversham, Reading.
There is also another branch in Tilehurst, Reading

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