Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Asda delivery disaster!

I ordered an Asda delivery because I was returning to university after the Christmas break and had very little food in my cupboard and fridge. I always choose home delivery for convenience purposes because I do not live near a large supermarket and I cannot drive. The delivery was due to arrive between 21:00 and 23:00 on Monday 12th January. I received a call at 23:50 stating that my shopping could not be delivered that day due to a road accident and said I needed to reschedule the next day. I asked if I could reschedule there and then and we agreed that my shopping would be delivered on Tuesday 13th January between 08:00 and 10:00.

The next day the delivery did not arrive at the agreed time, so clearly my rescheduling the night before had not been passed on. I received a call at 10:25 asking if I could come and collect my shopping instead of it being delivered! I said I cannot drive, so the caller then asked when a convenient time would be for my order to be delivered. I said after 19:00 because I had a lecture at university from 15:00 to 18:00. I received another call at 18:52 saying the delivery would not arrive until 22:00 and the caller offered a refund on the delivery charge. I have previously received a delivery from Asda on Friday 31st October which was 2 hours late and was very inconvenient because it meant I was late to my friend’s birthday party. The delivery charge as well as £5.00 of my shopping was refunded. In relation to my previous experience, during this call I asked for a full refund on all of my shopping, which I thought was reasonable considering the circumstances. The caller seemed confused about this request and left to speak to her manager. I received another call at 21:56 saying the delivery would not arrive until 23:00 and another call at 23:13 saying the delivery would not arrive until Wednesday 14th January at 12:00, at which point the caller confirmed that I would receive a full refund. I would have preferred Asda to have directly said they would not deliver my shopping on that day at all, rather than being messed about and disappointed. I was unable to leave the house or complete my timed online master’s application as a result.

I received another call the next day at 09:00 and I answered by saying “Let me guess, it’s Asda”. Initially I had been polite and understanding, as I don’t think problems can be effectively resolved with shouting. However, at this point I had given up, as I think that the customers who were aggressive and demanding in their response had probably had their orders delivered before me. Once again I was asked when a convenient time would be for my order to be delivered, so clearly my rescheduling the night before had not been passed on. I said 14:00 because I had some things to do at university and it finally arrived at 14:20, almost 40 hours late.

I understand that the road accident was beyond Asda’s control and I appreciate that they had a lot of customers to deal with. However, I think the situation could have been dealt with a lot differently. The amount of times I had to reschedule and the drivers’ lack of knowledge of my previous rescheduling demonstrates a lack of communication within the team. Would it not have been possible to extend the delivery times for one day or to hire extra vehicles? I understand that staff have their own lives and it may be difficult to ask them to work overtime, but I think they should have an effective contingency plan for this kind of situation. Their customers should be their priority, especially their regular ones. As I am a student, I have a fairly flexible schedule, so rescheduling my delivery was not a major problem, although I had to go to a nearby shop to buy my meals, which was not only costly, but I could not do a full shop because I had no idea when my delivery would arrive. My sympathy lies with their customers who have a busy work schedule or are immobile and depend on their shopping deliveries. I order deliveries weekly or fortnightly, but as a consequence of the above I will not be continuing to do so in the future.

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